Adult Replacement Blood Pressure Cuff By Southeastern Medical Supply

$10.89 (as of March 31, 2018, 7:12 am)

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This gray colored cuff offerred by Souhteastern Medical Supply Works with any automatic blood pressure monitor. This generic Cuff with a D-ring will work for any SINGLE TUBE Blood Pressure Monitor, but DOES NOT include any tip on the end of the tubing. Please note that color may vary. This unit is suitable for replacing a similar size adult cuff that either has a bladder or tubing leak or the velcro is no longer holding during cuff inflation. The D ring helps assist with proper cuff placement by one person. If your monitor is indicating that you have a leak, please note that the leak can be in the bladder (inside part) of your cuff, the tubing or at the connection of where the tubing fitting plugs into the monitor. This new cuff and tubing will not solve the problem of a leak at the connection to the monitor. In that situation, you will need to replace the monitor. You can test for a leak location by air leakage sound or by using liquid soap and looking for bubles. Fits Arms 9″ to 13″ in circumference. You need to have your original monitor’s plastic fitting (tip) that connects the cuff’s tubing to the monitor. This cuff has standard 1/4″ tubing.