Baebbe 90 Tabs (Healthy Intestine, No More Belly Fat!) 100% Natural Herbs

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Expiration Date: 04/2020 BAEBBE is not just a diet pill or a laxative (No Senna, No Cascara Sagrada, No Fiber, No Caffeine) It is specially formulated to work deep within one’s digestive tract cleaning and improving damaged intestines, strengthening peristaltic movement in the intestine, excreting deposited fat and waste. It also promotes better blood flow and peaceful metabolic harmony With BAEBBE, accumulated fat can be broken down naturally and effectively thorough intestinal cleansing. In time, your health and natural figure will be restored. Warning: Not recommended for women during pregnancy, menstruation or breast feeding Not recommended for people who are taking antidepressants or anodyne Do not use if you are suffering from hernia or diarrhea