BioPure – Organic Cilantro Tincture (4 oz – 120 Servings)

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Organic Cilantro Tincture – Coriandrum sativum (Chinese parsley). Cautions and contraindications. Not intended for use for children or during pregnancy or when breast feeding except under the care of a licensed medical practitioner.Dosage: Start with two drops twice a day in hot water 30 minutes before a meal or 30 minutes after taking Chlorella. Cilantro contains a mildly toxic compound, which is neutralized when placed in a small amount of hot water before ingesting.Dosages, indications and any other information contained herein is suggested use only and not to be considered treatment recommendations. Please consult with a healthcare provider for treatment of any illness or condition, especially if you are pregnant, breast-feeding or considering treating a child. We suggest that you consult a licensed physician if you have any health problems and you require a medical diagnosis or medical advice or treatment. Our products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. For all matters that relate to your health, please contact your physician.