FŪ Carbs MCT Oil Capsules – 240 count, 3000 mg per serving healthy fat supplement to stimulate ketosis, with c8 and c10 medium chain triglycerides. Quality/convenience for the ketogenic, keto diet.

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Fū Carbs MCT Oil Capsules are a highly-concentrated medium-chain triglyceride (saturated fatty acids) dietary supplement which we have incorporated into a simple and convenient quick-dissolving bovine gelatin capsule with a touch of Vitamin E added as an additional benefit.

Why do I need to add MCT Oil to my diet? The ‘traditional Western diet’ is lacking Medium-Chain Fatty Acids which are essential to our bodies. Furthermore, a misconception has been perpetuated that all forms of saturated fats are potentially harmful. However, recent research has shown compelling evidence about the true benefit of saturated fats as part of a healthy diet. Certain saturated fats, especially MCTs and other healthy fats found in foods like grass-fed beef, are in fact easier to digest than long-chain triglycerides (LCTs) and may hold additional benefits.

What are the other potential benefits to using MCT Oil? Recent studies have demonstrated that MCTs may have numerous benefits including memory function and sharper mental focus. Increased athletic endurance and performance enhanced by a sustained boost of energy without the carbohydrate crash. They may burn stored body fats as fuel and aid weight management by inducing a prolonged feeling of satiation, simply put, no more feeling starved and MCTs may also reduce cholesterol and lower blood sugar levels for diabetics.*

If you’re looking to add healthy fuel to your fat-shredding high performance lifestyle and achieve your ketogenic goals then look no further than Fū Carbs MCT Oil Capsules!

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