Himalayan Crystal Salts Capsules Herbs of Light 180 Caps

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Himalayan Salt Capsules

“Emergency Rooms Have A Priority of Giving An IV Saline Solution Drip (Water & Salt) To Recuperate The Normal Functioning Of The Emergency Patient’s Body For 300.00 to 500.00 a Bag” ………….. “More Important Than Oxygen”

…….as described by Dr. Batmangeledge, M.D., author of “Your Bodies Many Cries For Water (and Salt)”

Use to correct sodium levels within our body for electrolytes / minerals, sodium/potassium pump operation, correct cellular and hormone creation, histamine guided water transfer, Blood Pressure regulation, Diabetes, Bacterial kill off, Ashmatic attack assistance, etc. etc.

Please read “Water and Salt, The Essence of Life” by German Bio-Physicist, Peter Ferriera along with listening to Dr.
Batmangeledge’s CD, “Water & Salt” both available from Herbs of Light.

Take 1-2 capsules up to 3 times a day with meals, 6 days a week. A minimum of 64 oz. of good water MUST be ingested daily. For assistance with Lyme Disease or other harmful bacteria, increase the dosage slowly over 2-3 weeks till a maximum dose of::

100 – 150 lbs: 3 capsules up to 4 times a day with half your bodies weight in ounces of water

150 – 250 lbs: 4 capsules up to 4 times a day with half your bodies weight in ounces of water.

Half your bodies weight in ounces must be ingested every day for hydration and systemic flow to carry the die off thru the kidneys and bladder. If not, your kidneys will let you know from discomfort that more water has to be ingested. PLEASE stop all caffeine, alcohol and sodas which carry water out of the body along with reading, “Water and Salt, The Essence of Life”

Note: Consult your health physician if pregnant.

Capsules: Preservative and filler “Free” Kosher Vegetarian “V-Cap” capsules are filled with only pure Himalayan Crystal Salt. This along with amber glass bottles that are double