Natures Way Metabolic Reset Chocolate Weight Loss Shake, 1.4 Pound — 2 per case.

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Natures Way Metabolic Reset Chocolate Weight Loss Shake, 1.4 Pound — 2 per case. Delicious Taste! Stimulant Free Hunger Control High Fiber & Protein Reduces Hunger and Cravings to Help Lower Caloric Intake Low Glycemic Index Dietary Supplement Weight gain is often caused by the bodys response to eating high glycemic index foods (rich in simple carbohydrates or sugar). The result can be periods of intense hunger that lead to excessive calorie consumption. This is known as the “glycemic” cause of weight gain. Metabolic ReSet Weight Loss Shake Mix As part of a healthy diet and exercise plan, revolutionary Metabolic ReSet addresses both the glycemic and calorie causes of weight gain by safely reprogramming appetite to reduce hunger and cravings. Natural formula; No artificial sweeteners or preservatives No stimulants High fiber / high protein Low glycemic index Contains 100% whey protein isolate Only 6 g of net carbohydrates per serving Fortified with vitamins & minerals Smooth & Delicious Easier to mix and better tasting than other high fiber and protein shakes No added fructose Just 130 calories How Metabolic ReSet Works The key is its combination of Viscofiber (highly viscous, soluble oat beta-glucan concentrate) and whey protein isolate. The Viscofiber proprietary blend makes Metabolic ReSet different than other weight loss supplements or simple meal replacement powders. The unique formula works in the following ways: (1). Creates a Satisfying Feeling of Fullness Metabolic ReSet expands in the digestive tract, resulting in a prolonged sense of fullness. By avoiding feelings of hunger, you can comfortably eat less food, less often and consume fewer calories. (2). Lowers the Bodys Glycemic Response to Foods Metabolic ReSet slows the digestion of carbohydrates (especially from high glycemic index foods), resulting in reduced cravings and a less frequent desire to eat. Glycemic Cause of Weight Gain Fad diets, poor eating habits, high glycemic index foods and genetic…