Power Pops Weight Loss Hoodia Lollipops Grape by Fun Unlimited – 30 ct

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AS SEEN ON EXTRA TV & STAR MAGAZINE! IN STOCK AND READY TO SHIP THE NEXT BUSINESS DAY! Please Note: One bag contains a 10-Day supply of Power Pops. We recommend purchasing 3 bags for a full-month’s supply. If you are interested in becoming a distributor of Power Pops today and purchase wholesale, you may do so by paying an annual fee of $29.95. You may sign up or find out more by clicking here . New and Improved PowerPops Now Has Hoodia! It’s hard to lose weight. The safe and effective PowerPops formula (patent pending) uses five natural ingredients to suppress appetite and provide energy. PowerPops have approximately 28 calories, less than 10% of a typical candy bar, and PowerPops have NO FAT! Now you can eat candy and LOSE WEIGHT too!Thanks to a new and innovative weight loss approach. FUN Unlimited was formed to produce high quality products with natural ingredients to assist people with healthy living. Our first product, the PowerPop, will be followed by additional offerings to provide additional products to improve healthy living. How Power Pops Works The unique delivery of natural ingredients is the most superior form of delivery over taking capsules or tablets. By the time a person fully consumes a Power Pop (up to 30 minutes), the natural ingredients will have been absorbed and hunger suppressed. A Power Pop can drastically reduce the in-between meal cravings and give you energy.The mix of natural ingredients for Power Pops were selected for their individual benefits as well as for the compounded benefit of how the ingredients interact with each other. In addition to the 5 natural ingredients, a small amount of sugar and corn syrup are used as a binding agent. Benefits: PowerPops are a simple and inexpensive way to lose weight PowerPops are portable! PowerPops are made with natural ingredients! PowerPops suppress hunger and food cravings for hours at a time PowerPops provide a boost of energy PowerPops taste great! The PowerPop Diet: Breakfast Take one Power