Synergistic Blend Brain Booster–Attention, Neuro Clarity, Energy Vitality, Focus Supplement, Recall Memory Enhancer-Powerful Nootropic Supplements in a Daily Energy Drink for Women & Men(10Pack) …

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POWERUP: SUPPORTS MENTAL CLARITY, BRAIN HEALTH, MEMORY RECALL & ENERGY VITALITY: POWERUP Brain Boosting Nootropic Daily Energy Drink is the perfect way to get the edge on your competition, improve your health, happiness and energy. Our once-a-day formula that combines powder and liquid in an easy to use unique bottle is isotonic and completely absorbable for maximum results. POWERDOWN: SUPPORTS MENTAL HEALTH, FOCUS, PATIENCE & CALMNESS PowerDown’s synergistic formulation was developed to support a calm and stress-free mind while improving brain health. We would never use just a small amount of all the great ingredients just so they are on the label. That is false advertisement. No other product is formulated to the same exacting standard when looking to maintain a calm and stress-free attitude. Go into every interaction with your attention, focus, and patience optimized. BENEFITS: Daily Energy Drink Daily Stress Relief Drink Increase Vitality Focus Supplement Brain Clarity Attention Supplement Memory Enhancement Increase Attention Span Calming Relaxing Antidepressant Mood Stabilizer Brain Health Mental Health About the Product: PowerUp & PowerDown are 2oz shot of nootropic stacked brain calming liquid, with a special cap that releases powder into the shot, activating it and giving you an instant, all day boost. The effects of PowerUp and PowerDown will relieve your anxiety or stress, increase your energy, attention, patience, focus and improve your long-term brain health. Our ingredients are research developed and/or time tested over centuries of safe use.