The Healthy Option Crystal Spring Salt Of The Earth Travel Deodorant 50G

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Salt Of The Earth Natural Deodorant 50G Travel Size. Salt Of The Earth Eliminates Body Odour For Men And Women. The Salts Inhibit The Growth Of Odour-Causing Bacteria On Your Skin. It Is Safe For The Environment. Directions: Wet The Stone And Apply Liberally. Ingredients: Pure Ammonium Alum Crystallised Salts From Thailand. Caution: Do Not Use On Broken Or Damaged Skin. If Irritation Occurs, Discontinue Use. Not Tested On Animals The Effective Natural Deodorant · 24-Hour Protection · Economical – Lasts Many Months. · Hypoallergenic · Does Not Contain Aluminium Chlorohydrate. · Fragrance – Free · Does Not Clog Pores. · Does Not Stain Clothing. · No Petroleum, Emulsifiers, Alcohol, Perfumes, Or Propellants.